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Announcing the cast (and crew) of The House of Bernarda Alba

The Village Playhouse is proud to announce the cast and crew of The House of Bernarda Alba.  This classic Spanish play (with new English translation by our very own Erico Ortiz) will opens April  6th.


Bernarda Alba: Anne Gorski La Poncia: Mary Lynn Ferwerda Angustias:  Donna McMasters Magdalena:  Jackie Benka Amelia:  Miriam Kopec Martirio:  Caroline Miller-Bayer Adela:  Bividiana Murguia Maria Josefa:  Judy Pirelli-Wambach Servant:  Sandra Hollander Prudencia:  Antoinette Stikl Beggar Woman:  Susie Melott Mourning Women:  Mary Breitrick, Nadia Negron, Luz I. Ortiz-Carby, Rosie Peterson, Joyce Sponcia, Sandra Wyss


Stage Manager: Jennifer Conway

Assistant Stage Manager:  Casey Paszkiewicz

Lighting & Sound:  Jennifer Lautz

Costumes:  Rosie Peterson

Set Design: Erico Ortiz

Set Construction: Sandra Wyss, Casey Paszkiewicz, Erico Ortiz

Set Painting & Artwork: Ronni Shmauz, Sandry Wyss

House Manager/Box Office:  Mary Breitrick

Producer:  Tom Zuehlke

Production Assistant:  Scott Sorensen

Director:  Erico Ortiz

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